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Wallet Intelligence API

Designed for businesses and enterprises looking to harness the full potential of Wallet Intelligence API. Tailored for scalability and increased usage, Wallet Intelligence caters to organizations aiming for comprehensive data insights and operational efficiency.
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Free access to:
    • All Wallet API Endpoints including:
    • Real-time Insights
    • Persona Labels
    • Behavioral Labels
    • Predictive Scores
    • Dapp Engagement
  • New features related to wallet validity, value, and ownership
  • Up to 10K responses per month


Wallet Intelligence is free to get started! All you need is to create a Thirdwave account and then you can request an API key. All keys come with up to 10K API requests per month. Note that a credit card is requested during account creation but will not be charged - it is purely for security purposes.

Contact our team to discuss partnership options and higher response limits.

To ensure the safety and security of our community and to provide you with a smooth experience, we kindly ask you to create an account and add a credit card. Rest assured, we won't charge you - this step is purely a security measure to maintain the integrity of our platform and prevent misuse.

API usage is calculated based on the number of requests made. You can view your usage statistics in the API Settings page. For detailed billing information, refer to the billing section in your account settings.

Grow your project with Thirdwave

Custom Endpoints provide businesses with comprehensive insights into the dapp economy. Our endpoints offer a wide range of features for your unique needs, including detailed analytics on wallet activity, social data, and web metrics. Work with Thirdwave to gain a deeper understanding of the users and projects you care about. Committed response time SLAs ensure reliable and efficient data delivery and personalized usage reports offer tailored insights for each business.
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This includes:
  • Dapp Insights including wallet activity, social data, and web metrics
  • Growth Accounting, Retention, and Monetization Data
  • Benchmarking
  • Bespoke Metric Design
  • Committed response time SLAs
  • Personalized Usage Reports


We have a comprehensive data set covering wallet retention, smart contract mapping, developer metadata, dapp genre, community engagement, and more.

Pricing for our custom endpoints starts at $3750 per month. Exact pricing will depend on your project's unique needs and the engineering resources required.

Chat with our team to get started on your Custom Endpoint and discuss partnership opportunities.

The Thirdwave Promise

Thirdwave is committed to supporting all web3 builders with a free, fast, and fully-featured API to bring actionable insights to every project.

Digital property rights and crypto wallets have the potential to revolutionize the digital economy. However, Founders must navigate a fractured ecosystem with a limited understanding of their wallet-based customers.

Thirdwave can help. Our Free Wallet Intelligence API enables all wallet-aware projects to make smarter business decisions through deep onchain analytics. Together, we can build a better future.

Fueling the growth of leading Web3 Projects


"Insights+ is next level. It has massively influenced how we think about both paid and organic growth strategies."

Owen O’Donoghue, Co-Founder

First Light Games

"Thirdwave is a critical tool in helping us to define our growth strategy. I can monitor and analyze the performance from all the major players in the industry."

Anil Das-Gupta, Co-Founder & CPO


"Thirdwave doesn't just inform our strategy; it catalyzes it. As we chart our growth trajectory, it proves to be not just valuable, but essential."

Josh Spertell, VP of Product

Permadeath Studios | Kaiju Cards

"Thirdwave is THE best place to get smart about blockchain gaming. With an industry-best dashboard, we can learn everything we need to know about the best (and worst) campaigns in real-time."

Mike Moss, Founder and CEO, Permadeath Studios

Tilting Point

"The Market Overview page gives me quick and easy access to discovering how the market is performing, finding blockchain gaming articles that are actually relevant to me, and which games to keep my eyes on throughout the week."

Alexander Carriuolo-Jones, Product Manager

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Action on real-time insights across the entire wallet ecosystem, including bot detection, transaction details, and in-depth user activity and ownership.

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