About Thirdwave

We are accelerating the transition to the ownership economy by providing web3 projects with the key infrastructure and tools to drive growth. Learn more about the mission, vision, values, and people behind Thirdwave.

Our Mission

As the first Unified Growth Platform, Thirdwave empowers web3 projects with the analytics and insights to understand their customers and the actions that accelerate their growth. We deliver the key infrastructure and tools to enable projects to control their destiny. We connect people to the projects, games, and communities they love.

Our Vision

We are accelerating the transition to the ownership economy. We are helping to shape the path and guide the world into a new era where anyone can own the value they create in both the physical and digital world.

Our Values

Focus on the Mission

Distractions aren't always obvious until it's too late. We are shaping and accelerating the path to a world of true ownership.

Take the Pen

The future will be written. It’s your choice to write it or watch others become the authors. Be bold.

Listen to Lead

Our success is tied to how well we understand the world we seek to shape. You can't understand it if you don't listen first.

Move Fast

Hesitation hurts progress more than almost any mistake. We celebrate thoughtful ambition regardless of the outcome.

Build Together

Don't seek perfection alone. Greatness and collaboration show up together.

Scale What Works

Great doesn't always mean new. Identify what's working and do more of it.

Celebrate Our Partners

Nobody cheers harder than us when our partners win. We aren't cheering from the sidelines. We are cheering from the field.

Meet the Founders

Peter Jonas

Before founding Thirdwave, Peter Jonas led Compass through its hyper-growth, from a few offices in California to a profitable team of over 13k people in 150+ offices across the United States, generating billions in revenue.

Prior to Compass, Peter launched UberHealth, a product-focused on reducing the impact of transportation on health outcomes for Uber. Before joining the Uber team, he founded the Games and Mobile Apps business at Facebook and helped grow it into a global multibillion-dollar business unit.

Peter Jonas CEO at Thirdwave
Matt Lorenzen

Matt Lorenzen is an experienced executive, startup advisor, and global team builder working in Silicon Valley. As a founding member of Facebook's Mobile App Install team, Matt played a key role in transitioning Facebook's business from desktop to mobile.  

Matt has been an active cryptocurrency investor, builder, and advisor since 2013.

Matt Lorenzen COO at Thirdwave

Our Investors

The investors helping us shape the future of ownership.

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